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Product information.

The jump measuring instrument was patented (i.a.) Product, with which in a longer period or gift jumps of the simple way surplus, can be followed are still active. The jump measuring instrument was manufactured of high-quality plastics. The result this special productionprocede is that this product is completely steady against long-term exhibition against all kinds more wheater referred circumstances. Check this link to find the technical product specifications.  We can deliver two kind of crack meters. The one whith the white and the one with a less visible transparant background. You find som pictures down here on this page for examples. You can fix the crack meter, by yourself, in just a minute. You find a At the send package a assembly guide has been included.

With the progress-sheet  you can register the progress of the movement of the crack. Click here to download of print your progress-sheet.

Crackmonitor transparant



Crackmonitor white