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Welcome to our website.  

We offer by means of the site simple, cheap, but very renewing appliances. With this appliances, the so-called crack meter, you yourself can note in a simple manner if the present crack shaping in your house or company-stretched is still active. You can this way complete simply yourself, up to on the millimetre closely, register which development experiences a crack.

Under the link "Product" you find an overview of the product properties. You find here information still further and examples, how this innovation in practice works. Also you can download the progress-sheet with which you can register the activity of the crack meter.

An overview of the prices and also the possibility to ask for a offer when you want to buy numbers above the 250 pieces you can find under the link "Offerte"

You have questions or observations, then you can take contact with our. Our company data you will find when you click on the link "Contact"

You can order the product, directly online, in our "Webshop". Pay attention that the crack meters has been packed as a complete set and always provided including al required measurement of course a clear assembly guide.

We provide al our products from stock, your order is therefore delivered within some working days!